Bill Brown
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 17

WARNING: This Rationed Short Guide specially designed for Mature Minds that Seek Good Advice and NOT to be Lectured. It's Easy To Read, Straight To The Point, and with Zero Fluff...Discover Top 10 The Most Important Habits Of Highly Successful PeopleDear Friend,If you want to learn the most important habits that will virtually guarantee success in life and business, then this short guide is exactly what you need. Here is why:"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit." - AristotleThis book summarizes a plan to create a better life. Maybe, from the start, you will not completely transform yourself into a super achiever. But at least you will learn where to start. From there you will progress even further.Look: Most of us look at and feel envious of successful people. We think they are just lucky, intelligent or were just born with a silver spoon. However ...
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