P. Jameson
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 131

Racing season is over, but the Dirt Track Dogs are ready to celebrate. Someone’s been naughty, and now the pack is expecting a new addition just in time for the holidays. Scarred up wolf shifter, Blister, has come a long ways since his days of sleeping in a tent in the woods. He’s made a real home with his mate, staked his claim on her bed and heart, and now he’s going to be a father. The idea isn’t easy to swallow. He has his doubts that he’s got what it takes to raise young, even if he desperately wants a family of his own. But his patient mate believes in him, and he refuses to let her down.When an estranged family member shows up, and puts the fun in dysfunctional, Blister and the pack will need all the Christmas cheer they can muster. But if they can all come together as a family, this is sure to be a holiday to remember.***Book #6 of the Dirt Track Dogs series. Can also be read as ...
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