Ray Richard
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 199

In a Lower Manhattan nightclub, after patrons left for life and love, guitarist Chaz Russell rubbed the knife scar on his arm and stared at his glass of whisky. Cold weather, alcohol, and age couldn’t numb thoughts of the previous summer when musicians slept with their guitars, tavern drinkers wouldn’t gossip, and murderers roamed free.His discomfort began when Sarah O’Malley, a pesky author with Ivy League airs, asked him about a secret collaboration between a gifted jazz musician, the greatest guitarist alive, and a few stellar sidemen. His defensive denial made her cry, but conciliatory chords from his custom guitar made her smile. His bluesy notes led to her mention of her sister Liz, a felonious guitar player who preferred Harlem edge over Times Square flash. Fresh from detention, she thrived in the city music scene while Sarah sidestepped process servers.When predation made Liz a ...
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