Kathy Stanton, Rick Riley
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 369

6 BOOK BUNDLE!Book 1: Clutter Free Living for Busy People: 50 Simple Steps To Organize Your Life, Change Your Habits And Become More Productive In 5 DaysHere Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...The Trick to Accomplishing More in Less TimeHow to Efficiently Get Organized in Short Periods of TimeHow to Get Your Home Decluttered in Just 5 DaysHow to Stay Organized and Keep the Clutter AwayHow to Stay Positive and Encourage Consistent UpkeepThe Secret to Pushing Through When You are TiredTime to Enjoy Your New Organized Life!Much, much more!Book 2: Minimalist Living And Loving It: 40 Proven Steps To Simplify Your Space, Declutter Your Life And Increase ProductivityIn This Book You Will Learn...An Introduction to Becoming a MinimalistHow to Start Getting Rid of the ClutterThe Secrets to Adapting a Minimalist Wardrobe How Living the Minimalist Lifestyle Can Change Your LifeWhat do Minimalists ...
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