Brooke St. James
Publisher: Blue House Press
Pages: 229

Finally My Happy Ending, the third and final book in the Meant for Me series, can be read as a stand alone but will be enhanced by reading the first two books. Blind dates are for the birds. Trish Carmichael had been on enough of them to know they weren't her thing. She'd rather go about it naturally and meet someone on her own. The only problem was, it had been over a year since she broke up with her last boyfriend, and she hadn't found anyone yet.She was on her way home from a parculularly bad blind date (one she vowed would be her last) when she ran into Brock Rollins at a gas station. Brock had taken something from her in the past, and she harbored grudge against him because of it. She was typically the type to forgive and forget, but the bad date was fresh on her mind, and she ended up unloading on him.Burying the hatchet between the two of them seemed impossible. Seeing him as a ...
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