Kyle Fuhrer
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 116

Debt feels crippling. Freedom can seem distant if not impossible to achieve, particularly when trying to do so on a low income. Conquest looks into how and why you get into debt as well as the reasons you stay stuck. This book explains the relationship between budgeting, repayment, self esteem, and how it is all synonymous. Conquest recognizes that everyone's situation is different and how different methods and tools are needed to achieve financial freedom. Several effective debt repayment methods are discussed and explained so you can utilize each. Methods include; Debt Snow Ball, Debt Avalanche, Debt Tsunami, Recession Proof Debt Snowball, and Debt Snow Flaking. For individuals who already feel comfortable with budgeting and personal finances Conquest offers insight into growing your income while working towards debt freedom. Quit living in debt, stop robbing your future self, and ...
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