Liz Gavin
Publisher: Elessar Books LLC
Pages: 44

James Ferguson – the bisexual billionaire from Craving Her – makes a comeback in this new short-story as Liz Gavin tells us about his new found lust for untried young women. Rita Collins is one such young women. However, she is in a steady relationship with Sherri and has never been attracted to men. When her life turns upside down after she loses her well-paying job and finds out her mother needs expensive medical treatment, she hatches an insane plan to get extra cash. She won’t let her family down. She will do anything to help them. Even if it means selling her soul to the devil.A business deal is struck but Rita must first pass a very thorough assessment process. Will Rita succeed? How will Sherri react to this crazy idea? Rita’s decision to move forward with the plan will bring consequences to all involved as she battles her treacherous body when a golden goddess called ...
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