Gerald Hartenhoff
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 358

This set of western stories consist of the following titles: 'Happiness For Rose' - 'There Will Be No Wedding' and 'A Husband For Laura.'Happiness For Rose: Fun, action-filled western romance with a little bit of humor thrown in. The life of Rose Cross has gone from bad to worse. Her father has recently died, and half the hired men won't work. When she tries to fire them, they say they won't leave. To make matters worse, one of those men is a hired killer. If things don't turn around soon, Rose could lose her ranch or lose her mind. Fortunately for her, she has Carrie Higgins as a best friend, and Carrie will do whatever it takes to see Rose happy again. She'll even come up with the perfect plan to save the day. A mail order husband!There Will Be No Wedding: With her marriage to Doyle Stone less than twenty-four hours away, Olive Boyd has to follow her instincts and let him go. After ...
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