Brian Hogg
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 190

Sure, Donald Trump SEEMS to say whatever he's thinking, with no filter: but how do we know he's not holding back levels of insanity we can't even begin to imagine? What if the real Donald Trump makes the one we've been obsessing over for months seem like a sad little wallflower? But what if someone took on the Herculean task of imagining what's really inside the big-haired, small-handed magnate's head, and then wrote down every lunatic thing that Donald Trump probably thinks about himself and put it in a book? And what if that book was written like an autobiography?Guess what? Someone did. Me. You're reading about that book, RIGHT NOW.Trumped Up is, without a doubt, the greatest autobiography ever written on any subject, and that includes the books Donald Trump probably hired someone to ghost write for him. It's pretty amazing. And even though you may think you already understand ...
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