Linda Schoenfeld
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 95

It doesn't get any easier than spending about an hour reading this book which could save years and years of work! Consisting of 20 commonly asked questions, with simple, straightforward (and sometimes surprising) answers, it is an easy to read introduction to money management. Dealing with real world issues such as alternative ways to get student loans paid off, managing high expenses with money apps, breaking free of spending traps, and the most important investment that a 20-something can make, this is a little book that makes a lot of sense. It will help young adults build a strong financial foundation and will help readers of all ages with its refreshing and simple approach to money management. Loaded with practical advice and simple, actionable ideas, The Money 20 is a quick read. It offers clear and creative strategies and resources to help 20-somethings achieve financial success.
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