Tessa Rose
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 271

Marley is coming of age in a post apocalyptic, radically feminist society. Women have wrested all power and authority from men, who are kept in prison camps so they will never again wage wars and abuse women. Babies are incubated in artificial wombs and engineered to be attracted to their own sex. The process, however, doesn’t always work. Marley worries that she lacks a normal attraction to other girls until she meets Maddy, a girl from a barely tolerated subculture. She's afraid to tell Maddy that she has looked at illicit online pictures of boys. An interview with the author, Tessa Rose: Describe what this book does for the reader: Marley’s Journey pulls the straight reader into the experience of being unacceptable. The story unfolds into a dangerous journey for love involving boys from camps and subversives who run an underground railroad to a secret haven where heterosexuals ...
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