M. Van
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 120

The first book in a thrilling series.Facing the zombie apocalypse in a wheelchair might prove a challenge to others. For thirteen-year-old Ash, it's just another fight for her life.When feeling deserted and alone with the knowledge that your days are pretty much numbered, you might decide not to be pushed around anymore. But stuck in a wheelchair with the risen dead on your tail-this might prove a challenge.Ash's stay at a hospital that for all intents might be her last turns into a different nightmare when a killer virus overcomes the staff and her fellow patients.With the walking dead roaming the hospital halls, Ash has to depend on the help of an old man, and a soldier who could turn out to be the enemy to survive. She not only has to use her head, avoiding zombies but can she stay out of the hands of a shady government agency that wants to dissect her.Books in the series: ...
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4.5 stars from 77 ratings
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