Cyndi Raye
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 110

A heartwarming, historical old west romance filled with powerful characters full of spirit, passion, and warmth you'll fall in love withWhen a little thief robs her while boarding a train to Wichita Falls, Ruby Adams is placed in a bad situation. Instead of becoming an Independent Woman as planned with her prized land certificates, she is forced into a situation out of her control.When Marshall Montgomery's sister dies, he inherits a ten-year-old boy in desperate need of a mother. Making the decision for a mail order bride, he didn't expect to fall for the woman so quickly. But something was wrong. Was Ruby the woman she claimed to be? Will this thrown-together family survive tall-tales, shenanigans, and lies in the Wild West?Wichita Falls is a small, American historical western frontier town on the Texas prairie. Enjoy these clean romance short-reads as each event brings another ...
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