Jon Gage
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 695

ILLUSTRATED EDITION - OVER 600 IMAGESNow the owner of a successful video games cafe, read how my gaming history has shaped my career and current occupation through a nostalgic tour of my gaming archives.Features:60+ consoles500+ gamesScreenshotsReviews/ratingsI’ve rated each and every game I’ve played out of 10 based on how I felt about them at the time. The order in which I played all my games is as accurate as I can recreate using release date info, old save files and my own memory. This exercise has also had the surprising side effect of reminding me of friends and people I’ve known throughout my life, and has proved to be the greatest reward in the process of writing this compendium.All written content is owned under copyright by the author.This publication is not endorsed by any product, company, person or group.Opinions given within are those of the author only.
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