Autumn Macarthur
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 143

Can two teachers learn God’s lessons in love, or will fear and doubt keep them apart?Sports teacher Fraser Maclean has worked with Sarah Browne for eight months at their Edinburgh high school. She's not involved with anyone else, and she seems to enjoy his company, so why won’t the pretty trainee teacher see him outside school? Despite their attraction, he has to take no for an answer. Besides, he wants a simple, uncomplicated life, and he suspects Sarah is far from uncomplicated.Sarah’s struggled to control her feelings for Fraser and keep him at arm’s length. He’s kind, athletic, funny, and he appeals to her like no other man, but she can’t trust he’ll love her enough to share her burdens and stick around when things get tough. They’re safer staying friends. That’s enough. It has to be.When they build a sensory garden at their church together, he discovers the real reason she won’t ...
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