CR Barlow
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 51

The third installment of The Midnight Angel series finds Becca facing her hardest choice yet.Having just begun her life as an angel, Rebecca Stark hadn't been married to the love of her life, fellow angel Samuel Frasier, for more than a few hours before everything changes again. Her ex-husband, Ash Grant, has just been revealed as a demon. Before she has time to process the fact that he has their toddler, Katie, Ash returns to the angels with devastating news.Katie has been taken by a group known as Slayers. In their hands, any weapon turns fatal when used against angel or demon both, and they do not differentiate between the two. Becca and her angel companions now must work out an alliance with Ash's group of demons in order to get Katie back.But their price to aid in Becca's quest to get her daughter back might be too high a price to pay.
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