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*Includes pictures*Includes accounts of the campaign written by soldiers on both sides*Includes online resources and a bibliography for further reading*Includes a table of contents“It was United States territory. That's something you don't do. You don't come over and grab some of our land. So we had to take it back regardless of strategy. We couldn't just let them sit there. “ - Admiral Robert L. Dennison, USN (Perras, 2003, 189)Fought over bitterly cold flecks of rock and tundra scattered across the remote waters marking the boundary between the Bering Sea and the Pacific Ocean, the Aleutian Islands campaign represented one of the strangest encounters of World War II. Curving southwestward from the southwest coast of Alaska like the tail of a stingray, the rugged, volcanic Aleutians belong to both the United States and Russia. The westernmost island, Attu, lies much closer to ...
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