Roberto Zanon
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 123

My First Year as an Internet EntrepreneurFrom Financial Insecurity to Financial StabilityThis book is all about Entrepreneurship!I am not a millionaire (yet), but I went from being poor to be able to support a nice lifestyle doing the thing I like, from wherever I like. But enough about me, let’s see what's in there for you.In this book, I am going to analyze, what I learned from my first year as an Internet Entrepreneur.The struggles I had, the successes, but most importantly the general principles you will need to follow to achieve a level of success at least comparable to mine. 9 very valuable lessons, that if you implement in your own business, I can promise you will take your success to a whole new level.I know this book won’t resonate with everyone, but in case it does with you, I am very glad I could help at least one more person achieve financial stability.
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