Jonathan Finch
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 234

“Great Tits I’ve Known (And Other Species)” is the new edition of “Collected Selected Words” and is a combination of travel, memoir, autobiography and fiction, taking in three countries on its travels. It is also a book for ornithologists. Its humour and satire travel the world even ending up on the island of Cuba. Cambodia makes an appearance, too, and its hornbills get noisy. Overshadowing the book are the grim islands of Great Britain and the long Italian peninsular, but undaunted Jonathan Finch sings a song few birds can sing which embraces Thailand and especially Pattaya and its sensational nightlife. The birds described are not just great tits but hookers, ladyboys, masseuses and more. Reviewers have claimed that Finch sings with “apparent lightness and liquidity, gifting his readers with a very well-written memoir / travel book”. He has received praise for being “a true ...
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