Becca J. Campbell
Publisher: Surreal Media Studios
Pages: 87

Readers say, “A great story filled with drama and secrets.”Fifteen-year-old Graham has always wanted to know his real father, but his mom won’t share that hidden part of her past. When he discovers an old love letter stashed in her closet, he suspects this clue may lead him to the truth.While vacationing at the beach, Graham, with the help of his feisty and beautiful friend Violet, searches for evidence of this mystery man.Will digging up the past lead Graham to find his real father? The secrets he discovers are bigger than he ever expected.The Father Hunt is an exploration of mystery, friendship, and broken things that can’t always be mended. Download this novella-length companion to the Flawed series and join Graham as he chases the mystery of his missing father.Suggested Reading Order for the Flawed series:-Empath (The Flawed Series Book One)-Constricted (A Flawed Short ...
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