Lucy Kevin
Publisher: Oak Press, LLC
Pages: 158

"Everything about this story is beautiful. I couldn't put it down." 5 starsTheir pretend relationship feels breathlessly real...Liz Wilkinson has finally landed her dream job overseeing Married in Malibu, a new wedding venue for the Hollywood elite that promises perfect, paparazzi-free happily ever afters. She vows to do whatever it takes to put the new company on the map. Even if it means working with her ex-fiancé...and pretending to be in love with him again, too!No matter how they try, they can't resist each other's oh-so-sweet kisses on the beach... As a bestselling thriller writer, Jason Lomax writes plot twists for a living. But he never could have imagined needing his ex-fiancée's help to arrange a secret beach wedding for his famous niece. Nor did he ever expect to fall even more in love with Liz the second time around.The wedding―and true love―they've both dreamed of for ...
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