Geoff Sturtevant
ASIN: B01B109L84
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 223

B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree!Three uncommon tales of the common man. Two technicians of an unutterable trade. A home for the elderly whose secrets must remain underground. And a meat factory where homogeneity hides all evils. Both dark and humorous, Return To The Dirt is no ordinary day's work."This collection of short fiction from eclectic futurist writer Geoff Sturtevant was engaging. I truly enjoyed them, and highly recommend this collection to readers of the dystopian and bizarre." - crime novelist, DJ Sweikert"Fans of the macabre, cerebral thrillers, or off-beat horror should line up for Return to the Dirt, a short story collection by Geoff Sturtevant. It is well-written, clever, and deals with the theme of death in surprising and relevant ways." - Shelle,"Return to the Dirt reads like three freaky pot dreams extrapolated and dissected. The writing is crisp, the ...
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