Rhonda Dennis
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 328

The name Emily Boudreaux is becoming pretty synonymous with turmoil. The emotional scars from her recent abduction are worse than she thought, and admitting it doesn’t come easily. Enrobed in a depression far deeper than anyone realizes, she teeters on a cliff of despair.Adding to the anguish, an iron-fisted sheriff assumes command, vowing to clean up the department. Because of Sheriff Dautry’s presence, Emily learns her fiancé, Pete, has been keeping secrets from her; secrets that will shake up the entire town of Green Bayou. Just when Emily thinks she can’t handle anything more, tragedy strikes with a vengeance.Left reeling from the blow, she’s ready to give it all up. Emily desperately needs help awakening from this newest nightmare, but will it come fast enough?
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5 stars from 39 ratings
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