Corey B
Publisher: Corey B
Pages: 177

No B.S. No woo-talk!If you've felt that every FX website, forum, and chat room, appears to be overflowing with mysticism, lies, and scams, then you may be right. If you are suspicious of trading systems your suspicions could be correct. If you see charts filled with indicators and can't understand how anyone could make sense of it all then your confusion is possibly justified.If you are sick of the nonsense and want something real continue reading...In this book I introduce key concepts every FX trader MUST understand about FOREX trading before they can begin taking their first steps towards success. I discuss topics such as what FOREX trading is, how it works, and illustrate some of the traps and pitfalls you will encounter from within the trading scene, and maybe from within yourself.This book contains the information I wish I knew when first cultivating an interest in FOREX. Some ...
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