Brianna Bates
ASIN: B01B7870WE
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 190

FOR A BREEZY, EASY, FUN, AND SQUEAKY-CLEAN READ, THERE'S JUST NO SUBSTITUTE FOR A MISSY DEMEANOR COZY MYSTERY! Readers will fall in love with the sweet-natured Missy— and why not? She’s every young woman. Or perhaps we should say every single young woman. Brianna Bates’ Missy struggles with all the romantic issues of an American Bridget Jones, including how to handle more than one man in her life. Not to mention the same weight insecurity. But that’s about all she’s insecure about—Missy’s independent, doesn't need a man to be happy, and supports herself working more than one job. Plus, she’s got a beautiful dog, half a dozen hobbies, and dozens of friends she grew up with, one in particular—her best friend, Noreen.But right now she’s wondering if Noreen’s beginning to favor another friend, someone Missy just can't work up any affection for. She could brood about ...
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