Lauren Algeo
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 267

There’s no turning back once you’ve entered the Eye of Fear.Award-winning and best-selling authors from across the genre spectrum join forces in this edgy collection. These deliciously frightening and reflective tales of phobias will cause your heart to race and your body to perspire.Experimental by Lauren Algeo: Four people, four boxes, one nightmare. There's no way out for Michael, Heidi, Sabina and Jace, and no escape from their own minds. Do they have the mental strength to withstand insanity?The First Step by Marisa Oldham & Angie Martin: Following a terrifying ordeal, Adele has wrapped herself up in the comfort of her own home for the past four years. Can one man bring her the courage she needs to take the first step into a new world?A Mind’s Undoing by Sloane Kady: Inside Kate lived a fear so profound even sanity couldn't reason with it and reality couldn't shake it from ...
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