Gabriella Messina
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 411

"Samantha needs to understand who she is, where she came from, why we are who, and what, we are.” After a death-defying fall, Detective Samantha “Sam” Karolyi hopes to use her leave from work to heal her body, and care for her aging grandfather, Ivan. But a series of strange incidents intrudes on her rehabilitation – a drug addict gutted in an alley; a young thief’s suicide by bus; bodies disappearing from the City Mortuary – and Sam realizes that something is terribly wrong in New York City. When her grandfather is attacked by a vicious animal and left for dead, Sam begins an investigation that places her directly in the path of one of these animals, an encounter that leaves Sam wounded… And infected with Lycanthropic Virus. Werewolves, creatures of legend, now roam the streets of New York City. As she struggles through the physical and emotional transformation process ...
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