M.L. Gardner
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 272

What if facing your darkest fears meant finding a brighter future?A once-perfect life has spiraled out of control for Stephanie and Phillip Bouchard after their daughter’s drug addiction leaves them blind-sided and hopeless. Their strained relationship escalates when financial troubles and Phillip’s near infidelity pierce Stephanie’s heart, dragging her into an emotionally untouchable state. Stephanie considers ending the marriage and begins searching for a way out.Philip is determined to repair the damage and save his family with the help of Stephanie’s best friend, Cali, who suggests a weekend getaway to her rustic family cabin. After repeatedly ignoring the offer, Stephanie’s resistance is shattered when a crisis forces the couple to face each other head on. Tension builds as simple acts like talking seem forced and unwanted, leading to more frustration.Will Stephanie and ...
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5 stars from 11 ratings
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