Cyndi Raye
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 68

A western historical romance in a small town setting with characters you will fall in love with.Unable to find a job as an accountant in New York City, Grace is offered the deal of a lifetime. There is only one catch, she has to become a mail order bride in the small, untamed western town of Wichita Falls. Because of an accident, Dawson's company is suffering a loss. If he doesn't do something now, his brother will shut it down. Taking a chance with a mail order bride is his only option, except he is hiding a shameful secret. Will she still want to be his wife when she finds out?Wichita Falls is a small, historical western frontier town on the Texas prairie. Enjoy these Literature & Fiction Women's Fiction Short Stories as each story brings another character to the frontier town, helping it to grow into one of the finest western towns of all times.
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