Alwin Winter
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 90

Based on a wealth of experience at German universities, this book offers a unique insight unparalleled in depth and detail into one of the unicorns of the international education market: Studying in Germany for free. (before you ask: yes, it is also free for foreigners)For the first time, this book offers a complete A-Z guide on how to study at German universities, on the traps and hurdles, the challenges and rewards, with a tell-all approach covering all aspects of studying for free in Germany for foreigners. In this book, the information of not only how to study in Germany, but more importantly, how to succeed, is offered to foreign students who are interested in studying in Germany, be it for undergraduate studies, graduate studies, or on an exchange program. Besides university in Germany being free for anyone who gets accepted, where you aware of any of the following challenges? did ...
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