Josephine Simon
Publisher: Maplewood Publishing
Pages: 47

Make your own apple cider vinegar and reap all the health benefits of this superfood and its numerous usage for your home and beauty needs!Download FREE with Kinde Unlimited!This book is the perfect guide to know all there is about using apple vinegar to feel healthier, lose weight, and more beautiful. Apple cider vinegar is among various foods described in the 21st century as a superfood. Its dense nutritious content, immense healing qualities, and a long list of versatile uses, all add up to create something that to our modern eye seems a little magical. And it’s no wonder that we find these seemingly supernatural qualities so appealing. The inventory of medicine was once much more limited to the natural contents that could be found on the shelves of an apothecary or someone’s very own kitchen. From immune boosters to zesty salad dressings, acne solutions to weed killers, weight ...
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