Monte Perron
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 198

I wrote this book to share a mindset that has helped me reach a goal that I set long before my first child was born. That goal was to be a good father and have the evidence of well adjusted, respectful, engaged, goal oriented, self-governing, assertive, grateful, and considerate kids. To sum it up I wanted to be an effective father and end up with great kids. That was no small task considering the fact that I was a victim of child abuse. This is a book about overcoming. For those who also experienced an abusive childhood it will provide hope. Those without that to overcome will also be encouraged. All readers will be empowered. It is a win –win for parent and child alike!I often get compliments on the behavior of my children. For example, people say they are polite, or engaging, or thankful, or assertive yet humble. I get positive remarks about their hand shake, their people skills ...
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