L. Ron Hubbard, Tim Powers, Brandon Sanderson, Sean Williams, David Farland, Jon Laser, Stewart C. Baker, Christoph Weber, Stephen Merlino, K. D.
Publisher: Galaxy Press
Pages: 393

Science Fiction & Fantasy Anthology and Advice to Writers 2016You are about to meet:YOUR NEXT FAVORITE AUTHORThe 32nd edition of Writers of the Future may be the best new book yet! Brand-new adventure through space, time and possibility.Along the way these new authors will introduce you to fascinating characters such as Nate, a very loyal companion—like most werewolves would be. Keanie has a parasite that lets her morph and so transform into anyone. Liz owns a dinosaur maker, but raw ingredients can be a problem. Anna slaves away in a factory but her magic leaves her unfulfilled. These authors take creative writing to a whole new level!The answers, the stories, the visions, and the mind-stretching possibilities are all waiting inside.Welcome to the future of Science Fiction and Fantasy. It gets better every year. These are the award winning short stories of the international contest ...
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4.5 stars from 138 ratings
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