Bianca Vix
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 406

Who needs love when you can have great sex?What Damian needs is some cash, and fast. So he agrees to work the camera for a porn shoot. After it’s done, he ends up in a sexy scene of his own with both of the stars. Unexpected desires for men start surfacing, so he decides to go for it and explore what he wants. Jare’s more than willing to show Damian just how much fun being bisexual can be.Then Jare won’t let Damian’s heart go. Love is the last thing Damian expected to find with another man. When he risks everything he knows to have a future with Jare, he finds out who’s truly on his side.But both men want to be with a woman just as much as they want each other. Together, Damian and Jare need to find the right woman so they can have love for three.Limited time bonus: Jare's Journey and Sophia's Secret are included with this edition of Damian's Desires!Damian's Desires is a hot ...
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