Daryl Banner
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 429

NOTE:Each Brazen Boy (Books 1 to 8) is a standalone and can be read in any order.In this steamy four-story collection, Wes, Benny, Liam, and Scott ignite romance with men who teach them what it means to be brazen. From a life on the streets to passion on a seven-day cruise, these tales will tease you, excite you, and steal your heart away.Included in this box set from THE BRAZEN BOYS series:#5 : "All Yours Tonight (The Brazen Boys)"#6 : "Straight Up (The Brazen Boys)"#7 : "Houseboy Rules (The Brazen Boys)"#8 : "Slippery When Wet (The Brazen Boys)"ALL YOURS TONIGHTWes is an expert at healing the world one paying customer at a time. Being a male escort, he is used to keeping emotional distance between him and his clients. But when Bradley, the ever-adorable good-boy-gone-bad, crosses his path, his life takes an unexpected turn for the crazy. His rules are broken. His boundaries ...
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