Andrew Lafleche
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 107

Everybody writes a hero story. Publicists describe them as gritty. Their authors undoubtedly write in standard form and recycled words: “Nothing could have prepared me for what happened next…”No Diplomacy bucks this trend. Unlike anything previously published, No Diplomacy is the antithesis to a superhero story. It’s one you can’t unread. Narrated with the cynicism of an infantry soldier and provoked by the ubiquitous question, “Have you ever killed someone?” No Diplomacy delivers an explicit documentation of a soldier’s experience in combat, that once you start, you will not put it down until it’s finished.Written by a former Canadian infantry soldier, the direct language used in this first person narrative subjects the reader to an uncomfortably vulnerable account of events which took place during the summer of 2010 near Panjwayi District, Afghanistan.
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