Ryan Grant
Publisher: Ryan Grant
Pages: 39

Have you been wanting a PC for a while now? Perhaps you've thought about building one yourself? Learn exactly how to build a PC in 10 simple steps with this great concise eBook! Follow the steps mentioned in this book and have no fears over choosing the correct hardware for your PC, instead gain the confidence to build one yourself! This book will teach tips and the fundamentals on how to build a PC. This book covers the hardware and software that is essential to building a PC such as: The central processing unit, The graphics card, The motherboard, The case, RAM, Hard disc drive/Solid state drive, Power supply unit, Setup/Configuration, Peripherals and Operating system.This book is perfect for those who are looking to build a PC without first needing to understand the complex terminology. This book does contain a chapter which explains the terminology but more importantly, this book ...
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