Steve Milton
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 90

"You think a Russian gangster is scared of a judge?"Tattooed muscleman Valentine is the mob's brain and muscle. He laughs at his court dates, and he's definitely not scared of the scrawny federal judge trying to lecture him. He'll skate on the charges. His body and his cash get him what he needs -- without worrying about love."I'm a forty-year-old virgin, and I can't stop thinking about that gangster in my courtroom."Nerdy judge Peter knows not to get involved with the accused. But Valentine is irresistible.A mild-mannered judge isn't supposed to obsess over a muscular, tattooed Russian gangster. And a man famous for avoiding relationships and avoiding the law isn't supposed to get googly-eyed over a nerd in a black robe.Judging Valentine is a hot Miami jock-nerd gay romance with a feel-good HEA.
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