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*Includes pictures*Includes spectator accounts of Seabiscuit's most famous races*Includes online resources and a bibliography for further reading*Includes a table of contents“In 1938... the year's #1 newsmaker was not FDR, Hitler, or Mussolini. Nor was it Lou Gehrig or Clark Gable. The subject of the most newspaper column inches in 1938 wasn't even a person. It was an undersized, crooked-legged racehorse named Seabiscuit.” - Laura Hillenbrand, Seabiscuit: An American LegendOf all the things that a nation, or even an individual, need to survive a crisis, none is perhaps as necessary as hope. That feeling that somehow one can survive, win even, though the odds are stacked against them and the outlook is grim. Throughout its history, the United States has been blessed, often when most needed, with hope from a strange place. In 1778 it came when the French joined the American ...
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