Mimi Emmanuel
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 195

Mimi's Book Launch PlanMimi's Book Launch Plan gives a step-by step outline of what she did when launching her first book, ‘My Story of Survival.’ Mimi’s notes will give you a simple easy to follow plan that works, saving you the stress of learning the hard way. Her plan includes the goodies below plus a downloadable bonus promo sheet.1. Mimi's diary notes of 31-day count-down2. To-do overview3. 31 Useful tips4. 31 Fun tips5. FAQBonus: Mimi's promo sheetThere were major hiccups during launch where Mimi was not able to access the internet and yet her launch was hugely successful. Within days of its launch, My Story of Survival ranked #1 in seven categories with a bestselling banner received under Christian books Self-Help.THANK YOU TO MY LAUNCH TEAM!Mimi is convinced that her book did so well thanks to the support she received from all her writing class mates and buddies and the ...
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