Holden Braithwaite
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 350

A challenging read. Refined exotic escapism in an intense, adult, character-driven study of the absurd where humorous overtones mask a graphic, deeply subversive, perverse undercurrent in an ancient world adventure and epic love story like no other. Cursed from birth to remember everything except his own name an 11-year-old village idiot ('savant fou') creates chaos, outrage and regime change in Eudaemon (Aden) in 534CE when he, Andromeda and Scheherazade, goddesses of the hunt and fables join Hermes, messenger of the gods in his epic search for his long lost true love, Lesbia. Discovering on their chaotic way the scrolls containing the true Epectesy of St. Gregory of Nyssa, revealing something so shocking and socially explosive it was hidden for centuries - the key to the eternal cerebral orgasm. And the emancipation of women.". . . Master swordsmen masquerading as wandering ...
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