Stan R. Mitchell
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 274

Readers who enjoy James Patterson, Elmore Leonard, and Robert B. Parker should love every moment of this book.Book Description: Danny Acuff, a Memphis Detective and prior Force Recon Marine, figures his life can't get much worse.His marriage is on life support. And he's been forced to quit the Memphis Police Department, which means he's just shit-canned his dreams of joining the FBI.He's left his great career and future dreams in a final, desperate attempt to save his marriage. Moving from Memphis to East Tennessee, he takes a detective job beneath his talented abilities. He'll be working in a quaint, sleepy, little town, which should give him time to focus on his marriage.Or so he thinks. It turns out, Danny couldn't be more wrong. About saving his marriage. Or about having more time. Or how safe (and slow) he thinks this job will be.(Note: This book was originally released as a ...
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