Stan R. Mitchell
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 340

Detective Danny Acuff figures his life can't get much worse. His marriage is on life support and he's been forced to leave his exciting job as a hot-shot Memphis detective.His career had been on a remarkable fast-track to even loftier heights. Now, it's nosedived to a boring job as a detective in a quaint, sleepy town in the Appalachian foothills, a full six hours east of Memphis.Danny has given up his stellar career so that he can move to his wife's hometown in a final, desperate attempt to save his marriage.But Danny soon learns this small town in Akin, Tennessee, isn't so sleepy after all. There's a large coal company up in the hills that's doing some pretty suspicious stuff. They're making midnight deliveries. They don't like anyone digging into their business. And there's already been one detective die in a mysterious "accident" after he started digging into the company.Danny may ...
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