Tori Neuman
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 32

Unlock Your Inner Peace and Strength With the Power of Yoga Today!Yoga is a widely popular art form which is packed with benefits for absolutely anyone! Whether you are young or old, yoga can help you to relieve inner stress and increase strength.In this book, you will learn 21 of the most common poses that will help you attain agility and calmness. This guide is great for beginners who are just starting on their physical and spiritual journey. The various sequences engage your body and mind transforming you from the inside out. You will also learn a few tricks and hacks to improve your practice and help you move on to more advanced poses. Pictures Included!FREE Bonus on meditation included!!Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...Basic Concepts and Yoga Beliefs You Must Know Before You StartWarm-up Yoga PosesThe Four Warrior PosesFive Power Yoga PosesAnd so much more!! See What ...
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