Lizzy Ford
Publisher: Captured Press
Pages: 163

Her heart or her world?Grappling with the consequences of locking the door, Gianna’s life takes an even stranger turn when she tries to make things right. She struggles to learn more about the Caretaker’s duties and soon uncovers a terrifying secret: all the other Caretakers have begun to disappear and it looks like she’s next on the list.When tragedy strikes close to home, she reaches out to her sole friend in the universe – a powerful man from another world who hasn’t stopped searching for her since the day she locked the door. Their reunion is the start of a dangerous adventure, for the enemies of Teyan’s war-ravaged home soon target the door leading into our world. To save Earth, Gianna will have to lock the door. But doing so will sever her ties to Teyan forever.
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