Barry C. Davis
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 506

The thrilling saga of the Powell family continues in A Strange and Bitter Fruit: The Peacemaker, a follow-up to the bestselling historical novel A Strange and Bitter Fruit.The book opens in 1913, seven years after the tragic conclusion of A Strange and Bitter Fruit. At the heart of The Peacemaker are four males, each consumed by anger and hate given the events portrayed in the previous novel. Robert Powell, son of the wronged Thomas "Tee" Powell, has taken up the mantle of revenge, doggedly pursuing the elusive Wendell Pike, the last surviving Klansman of the group responsible for lynching Tee's parents and sisters. After years of fruitless searching, Pike finally surfaces at the 50th anniversary celebration of the Battle of Gettysburg. Robert's actions in Gettysburg draw the attention of Clellon Folmar Junior, son of the Pinkerton detective who kidnapped Robert and his sister ...
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