Anton Romanov
Publisher: Anton Romanov
Pages: 57

Biology: Best Self Teaching Biology Guide for DummiesStudy & Understand the Human Science with Deceptive Images And Lite Descriptions !This book contains a comprehensive, self-teaching, easy-to-grasp biology lesson and guide. With ilte descriptions and highly deceptive images, you'll learn everything you need to know about biology basics.The term “biology” was derived from the Greek words bios, meaning life, and logos, meaning study. Biology is literally the study of life. It is a branch of natural science that includes the anatomy, physiology, morphology, and origin of living organisms. Organisms encompass all living entities that either consist of one cell—like bacteria and protozoa—or multiple cells, such as plants and animals.There are three major branches of biology, each of them based on different life forms: zoology, botany, and microbiology. Biology was established on ...
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