Jane McKenty
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 493

While you are involved in drawing Zen patterns, you have to direct all your attention to it to make the drawing right. In that process, you just forget all about your problems, things you have to do, things you didn’t do, etc. All of that just fades away in front of the “heavy task” you have to accomplish and by that I mean a tangled Zen doodle. After you finished drawing your Zen doodle, you can actually sense the newborn clearness of your mind which leads you to more reasonable acting and a peace of mind. Because of these proven facts, I recommend the Zen art of drawing to all today’s people who are used of doing instead of being and can’t get off this habit very easily. In Zen doodling, you are being and doing in the same time. In this way, all of your capacities are involved, not just your body or just your mind.This is a BOX Set of 5 books: Zen Cats, Zen Dogs, Zen ...
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