GD Patten
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 317

The young girl, born to wealthy scientists in the late 22nd century, was the result of generations of breeding and genetic enhancements. Highly intelligent and curious, she also was augmented with nanotechnology, including artificial intelligence. Torn between hiding her abilities to fit in with normal humans her age and wanting to be the best she could be, she was a magnet for those who saw her as an abomination, a threat to their beliefs about the role of God and humankind. They plotted against her and her parents. Two alien factions who had been meddling in humanity's affairs for over a millennia sparred over the girl's survival. One faction believed that humans had the potential to join their alliance. They saw her as the future of humanity. The other side considered humans a danger to the civilized worlds and saw her as a dangerous abomination.Renegade World: Future Past is the ...
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