Lisa Prysock
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 314

A faith inspired, "Jane Austen-ish" mail order bride story...1875, EnglandMiss Chelsea Careen Stanton is the heiress of Cherrywood Manor and orphaned daughter of a Country Squire. Consequently, she is the ward of relations-- relations who have behaved recklessly, placing her inheritance in great jeopardy. In this tale of social injustice and persecution, Chelsea is faced with few alternatives. Option one--: She can save the only life she has ever known by marrying Lord Thornbridge. Rory, the Earl of Rosevale, offers her security and position, but hasn't a loyal drop of blood in his body. He's a rake; a philandering scoundrel; a rogue of the worst kind! Is it possible to reform a rake?The other option involves just as much risk and even higher stakes. Chelsea, an avid Jane Austen fan, has been dreaming of a future which includes a loving marriage to someone heroic; like Darcy ...
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