Bridget Balentine
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 175

For Josie and Sabrina to move forward, they must first face up the past.Building a relationship with her sister's best friend had always been a long shot. But after years of wishing for her chance to be with Josie, Sabrina can''t regret the fact that she tried. Only that they managed to screw it up almost as quickly as it began. It's time for her to accept that relationships weren't built on dreams and childish crushes. But just as she resolves to move on, Sabrina finds herself pulled back into Josie's life in the most unexpected of ways. Drawn into the troubled relationship between Josie and her estranged mother, Sabrina must watch her former lover struggle with impossible choices and heartbreaking regret. And she must find the balance in her own life between trust and independence, love and loyalty, and most of all, between truth and forgiveness.This is the third installment in the ...
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